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Meet Thea Hinata


Name:  Evanthea Jean Hinata
Age:  27
Species:  Human
Rank:  Jedi Knight
Affiliation:  The Jedi Brotherhood / The Jedi Council
Father:  Hawk Hinata
Mother:  Emily Garnier
Siblings:  Hayden Hinata, Chloe Hinata
Master: Hawk Hinata, Emily Garnier
Apprentices:  Mark Starkiller , Jake Daniels, Tripp Bastion, Graves Shatterlight, Teroch Rayar,

Evanthea Jean Hinata or simply Thea is a Force Sensitive Yinchorri human who serves The Jedi Brotherhood as a Jedi Knight. She is the youngest child of legendary Jedi Master Hawk Hinata and Emily Garnier and the sister of Chloe and Hayden Hinata.

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